Today, the European Union is at a turning point, almost all of the fundamental values on which the European Union was founded are at risk, and existing European political parties are either actively involved in collapsing fundamental European values or passively observing such processes, protecting their narrow political interests that are not the interests of European Union citizens. Interest groups systematically diminish the power and influence of the European Parliament as the only directly elected, democratic representative body of the European Union by concentrating power away from the eyes and influence of European citizens. The Institutions of the European Union are in the hands of supranational bureaucratic structures that do not represent the will of the citizens of Europe.

In such circumstances, concerned about the future of the European project, but also the fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens of the European Union, democratic political parties from the Member States of the European Union have taken the decision to form a political alliance of political parties at European union level.
European Alliance for Freedom and Democracy will promote and protect the fundamental values of the European Union, the fight against corruption, freedom of speech, the dignity of man, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights.

EAFD, taking into account and accepting all the fundamental values of the European Union, is gathered on the following principles:


Corruption is a serious problem for many Member States that threatens the quality of life for millions of Europeans. Reports from independent international institutions show that the European Union is not doing enough to systematically combat corruption, and that many Member States are stagnating or even backs down in anti-corruption activities. Billions of euros of European taxpayers dedicated to the development and well-being of citizens unfounded go into the hands of individuals and organizations through corrupt channels created by individual Governments of the Member States.
The current anti-corruption system within the European Union is not effective and is dependent on political influence. Existing European political parties are often protected by governments of Member States led by national political parties and their members.
Citizens of the European Union have been left without the support of the European institutions in their fight against corruption in the Member States. For political reasons, corruption in many Member States is tolerated and any constructive debate on the results of the anti-corruption fight is blocked in the European institutions.
It is necessary to bring the fight against corruption to the heart of European politics and to create common anti-corruption policies that will be able to effectively combat corruption in all Member States without exception.


The rule of law as one of the fundamental values of the European Union is in serious crisis. European Union citizens face a serious collapse of the rule of law principle in a number of EU Member States, but also within the institutions of the European Union. Today, the institutions of the European Union, influenced by the main European political parties, recognize and sanction violations of the rule of law selectively, using ideological rather than legal criteria, which undermines trust in institutions and undermines the credibility of the entire Union. EAFD will promote and protect the idea of the rule of law in full at European Union level as a political community, but also in some Member States, without a selective approach towards individual Member States. We are faced with the fact that the European Union is governed by political groups whose members in their Member States carry out serious violations of the rule of law that remain without adequate condemnation and sanctions from the institutions of the European Union. Such a relationship to violations of the rule of law must become the past, all rules must apply equally to all, without double standards.


Freedom of thought and expression are the fundamental freedoms of every human being. They are essential for individual dignity and fulfilment, and also form the essential foundations of democracy, the rule of law, peace, stability, sustainable inclusive development and participation in public affairs. The European Union must enable all its citizens to exercise their right to freedom of thought and expression. Freedom of thought and expression are necessary for the exercise and enjoyment of a wide range of other human rights, including freedom of association and assembly, freedom of thought, religion or belief, the right to education, the right to participate in cultural life, the right to vote and all other political rights relating to participation in public affairs. Democracy without them cannot exist.
Technological innovations in information and communication technology have enabled private corporations to master the means of public and mass communication, and thus influence freedom of thought and expression. All human rights that exist offline and guaranteed by the European Union to its citizens must also be protected online, in particular the right to freedom of thought and expression and the right to privacy, including the protection of personal data.
The EAFD will actively act to adopt European regulations that will effectively protect the right of European citizens to freedom of thought and expression and to combat the unlimited power of private corporations as well as their unlawful suppression of freedom of expression.


The idea of equality is woven into all fundamental documents of the European Union and is a driver of the unification of Europe. Equality as a fundamental value of the European Union drives common concern for human dignity and is an integral part of our understanding of fairness and justice. Equality enables the participation of all citizens in economic, social and cultural life. Without equality between all citizens of the Union and all Member States of the Union, Europe is losing its meaning of existence. Today, the European Union is still not a Union of Equals.

In its manifesto and actions in the European Parliament, the EAFD will promote and protect the equality of all citizens of the European Union, regardless of their origin, country of belonging, economic opportunities and social status.

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